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Are you a foreigner? Live in Prague? Wanna play tennis tournament?

We welcome you to the Babolat ATTour website in Prague - a year-round series of tennis tournaments intended for the general sports public in Prague. We have more than twenty years of history and annually play over 200 tournaments in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

What awaits you at the tournament? In addition to fun and sports, you will play in traditional tennis centers, experience a great sports atmosphere and meet new opponents who play at a similar tennis level as you. You will play at least 4 matches (match = 1 set), each time with a different opponent. You can track your position in the rankings and maybe be named player of the month.

We organize tournaments every weekend, we prefer clay surfaces, in winter we add a hard surface. The system of the tournament is always the same - groups of four each with each other for 1 set, spider for 1st place for the first two to three of each group plus consolation, so you will definitely play to your heart's content.

To participate in our tournaments (see our tennis tournament calendar), you must first register and then you can sign up for one.


There is a fee to participate in the tournament, which varies depending on whether it is played indoors or outdoors:

  • outdoor - singles 700,-, couple in doubles/mix 900,-
  • indoor - singles 1200,-, couple in doubles/mixed 1500,-

The fee is used to pay for the courts, tennis balls, prizes, ensuring the necessary logistics and the organization of the tournament itself. It is paid without cash according to the instructions that we will send you by email immediately after signing up. Later, you can top up your credit and pay conveniently immediately when you register for the tournament (it's convenient, because if the capacity is full, you get into the tournament among the starters or only among the substitutes, the date of payment decides). You can also pay on the spot in cash, but it is 100,- more expensive.

After the tournament closes (usually midnight on Wednesday), we will sort the entries into starters and substitutes according to the capacity of the tournament (priority is given to paid entries). We will send you an email about the classification, or you can check our website for a list of starters and substitutes. And no later than the evening before the tournament, we will issue the tournament program, from which you will find out the draw, what time attendance is and when you will start your first match. And the next day you're just playing...

If necessary, you can easily unsubscribe online directly on our website, similar to when you signed up for the tournament. If you cancel before the deadline, the full paid game fee will remain in your credit for the next tournaments. After the closing date, only half of the fee is credited to the credit, the other is forfeited. If you don't make it to the tournament at all, everything is lost. If you subsequently play five tournaments within six months, you have the option to ask us to return the forfeited amount back to your credit.

If you don't know what to do, we always have a contact listed at the tournament where you can call. Or send us an email - click here to see phone number and email address.

And here you will find instructions for signing up for your first tournament (only in czech language).

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